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Long story short, I had a very unpleasant visit during a drive thru one night. The employee was incredibly rude and shut the window on me when I asked for water. I had ordered the water at the speaker and she said I was lying and said I was raising my voice and shut the window on me. I refused to move my car because I wasn't done talking to her and she came back out to cuss me out and threaten to call the cops. I tried to contact the manager,... Read more

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I normally love Del Taco, but this location (corner of MacArthur & Harbor), is terrible. They had a bunch of tacos and burritos pre-made, just sitting for who knows how long. So my (Del) taco was awful. The meat was cold, or rather room-temperature, and the shell was stale. Same with my chicken burrito; cold meat and stale tortilla. I've had these items enough times to know how they should be. And this isn't the first time this location messed... Read more

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messed up my cheese quesadilla and when i went back to get it replaced the manager wouldn't do it without my receipt which i didnt save from the prior week but i expect them to make it right. that wasn't the worst part i went online and submitted form AND i called them and they never got back to me since. the part when the manager wouldn't replace my quesadilla shocked me as any good establishment will replace an order they screw up but not... Read more

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My family of five has taken our last trip to Del Taco. The last five times count it five times we have gone to the same Del Taco in Torrance on Hawthorne and Del Amo, they have screwed up our order. The screw ups range from keeping the beans in the burrito after I exclaimed plz NO BEANS in the burrito, to asking for 7 mini bacon cheddar Ques only to come home and find no bacon in ANY of them. Maybe this is happening because the minimum wage... Read more

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  • Aug 16
  • #901990

Hello there's no worse and going and spending your money and receiving cold french fries french fries that have been sitting in there Trey until the next person shows up you need to change that I hate that

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Hello my name is Ricardo, Last night I had the worst! experience with one of your employees customer service drive-through, this girl had the worst attitude and when I confronted her about it it seemed to be funny her, I have been going to all of your locations for your very long time but keeping someone like that employed in your business will give the location a bad name something needs to be done about this. Aileen or Angie is her name , Del... Read more

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  • Aug 10
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the accuse people of stealing water they have no education and any type of management skills they are not aware of customer satisfaction

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Del Taco - Change found in our chili cheese fries!
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To whom it may concern, on 8/1/2016 my sister and I stopped at the Del Taco Drive Thru located at 9680 Las Vegas Blvd S ( at Silverado Ranch Blvd) at approximately 1045 am. My sister is sick and has a pic line on her arm to administrate antibiotics, so she has to be very careful about catching any infections. She even has to drink bottled water not tap. We got our food and she ate about half till at the bottom of her chili cheese fries she spots... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 02
  • #893568

Del taco 0164 katella ave in anaheim ca is the worst del taco ever, I was eating with my family and the general manager I assume gets up from smoking a cigarette and walks through the door and into the kitchen where I see him sticking his hands into cheese . We got up and never will we take our family here again.

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My food had a *** hair in it, you need to be wearing hair nets !!

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