Santa Ana, California
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Happened at Del Taco Located at 3730 E.Chapman Ave. Orange, Ca 92869 On 5/18/16 at approximately 7:16pm I ordered 2 Bacon double del cheeseburgers 3 beef hard shelled taco's , 2 chicken soft taco's , a medium fry and 2 churro's.

Nobody had any issues so far with their food except me. I had a Bacon double del cheeseburger and a chicken soft taco out of that order and before I got a chance to even *** into the Bacon double del cheeseburger I took the bottom bun off and gently removed the onions. Well I noticed approximately a 1 and a half inch hole in diameter through the center of the meat patty and approximately 3inches in circumference on the bottom patty.It literally looked like one of the workers put their erect *** through the center of the bottom patty. I was so disgusted that I couldn't even eat the chicken taco that had nothing wrong with it.

I went back and explained that I was just in and that they never gave me a receipt. And before I even could repeat my purchase to them they read it off the screen. I asked for a receipt after they refunded the food and they said they couldn't give a receipt because I went through the drive through and came inside to get a refund and it was a different register.

I was so angry and disgusted I just wanted to get out of there and didn't even think about their *** lie regarding not being able to provide me a receipt. ALWAYS LOOK AT YOUR FOOD BEFORE YOU EAT IT!

Product or Service Mentioned: Del Taco Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger.

Reason of review: Tampered with .

  • Nasty Patty
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nasty bro i feel you one time i ate a booger in a taco bell burrito


it was a boogerito

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