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To whom it may concern,

on 8/1/2016 my sister and I stopped at the Del Taco Drive Thru located at 9680 Las Vegas Blvd S ( at Silverado Ranch Blvd) at approximately 1045 am. My sister is sick and has a pic line on her arm to administrate antibiotics, so she has to be very careful about catching any infections.

She even has to drink bottled water not tap. We got our food and she ate about half till at the bottom of her chili cheese fries she spots 2 nickles! She threw down the fries and was so disgusted she didn't eat the rest. We are outraged because she could get more sick from bacteria that is on change.

I am not sure if we will ever go to del taco again.

She asked me to write this note because she is too weak to. How are we going to fix this problem.

- a angry customer!!!!!!

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Irving, Texas, United States #1196450

So, I guess they should not put the cash register right on top of the frying machine, huh?

Detroit, Michigan, United States #1194525

I know your sister was totally grossed out when she saw those nasty germ-ladened nickels in her food! I can relate with her illness because I had cancer and chemo twice and had to be careful with bacteria and germs so I wouldn't get sicker.

Did you go talk to the manager after? Im sure your sister just wanted to get home but you should have went back or called! I hope you still have your receipt. If I were you, I would call there or go there right away and ask for the manager.

Be nice and don't yell. Explain everything to him/her what happened and why you didn't go back right away. Tell him you wanted him to know so that he can make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else, then ask him what they can do for your sister. Remember please do not get belligerent or nasty.

They will be more understanding and listen to you.

You can also find the web address on the receipt to take the survey to let them know about your visit.

You can explain everything there too.

Let me know what happens!

to DeeDee Benicia, California, United States #1196049

You are actually gullible to believe she found two nickels in the food. She later admitted(was forced to with the threat of a lawsuit) to admit that she put the nickels in the food herself to get her sister sick so she could sue. She cares more about money than her sister.

to DeeDee Benicia, California, United States #1196051

Not to mention, had she really found the nickels in the food there would be a whole more gunk on it. She admitted to putting it there herself then took the picture. The nickel is pretty much clean for something that was supposedly buried behind all that gunk.

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