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I went in the the Glendora location #110 on Wed around 715pm i walked up to the counter an several memebers of the crew just looked at me an kept working.. ok fine there busy after a VERY LONG wait they did take my order.

Ok lets talk about what happen next.. a lady in the drive thur was asking about your shakes.. the Girl working there was with a very loud voice telling here its not ice cream is shake mix.. then after she left (the customer) the girl was like i dont understand why that lady couldnt get it..

then the next thing i notice.. was a person wanted taco's with no cheese.. ok.. the girl worker made the taco's with no cheese an she's commenting who doesnt like cheese..

wow.. then the final straw.... the Latin guy making taco's an burr. cut his finger..

then stuck it in his mouth an was sucking on it.. an he looked me straight in the eye.. an then went into the back to put a bandaid on.. wow..

i was just amazed the way your employees act.. this store needs work!!!!

Review about: Del Taco Taco.

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