Del taco is disgusting and I will never eat there again! My boyfriend, brother, and I went to get something to eat 2 nights ago, and decided to go to the Del Taco drive thru.

The beef did look a little off color, but we still ate it trusting that it wasn't harmful. An hour later we all started experienced extremely unbearable intestinal cramping, and diarrhea. It wasn't letting any of us go to sleep. It's been two days and the pain is still not going away.

The pain comes and goes.

I don't know when it's going to get better, but I am disgusted of Del taco forever. The FDA really needs to do something about this.

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I had an egg and chorizo burrito for breakfast, which I doubt the chorizo is real. Anyways, sitting here at 12am I feel nauseated and have the runs. Thanks del taco


I ate at taco Del Mar yesterday in ellensburg and got sick later in the day I'm still sick today


I go to del taco twice a month and have been getting diarrhea after each visit for 3 years. Its the sauce.

But it is so good it's worth it.

No o e else in my family gets this its just the way a body reacts to different spices. Del taco is the best

to Mitch Edwards #1524724

How da *** is getting constant diahrea "so worth it?" I am done with them. This is the worst!!


Gee luckily my mom lost her credit card and i ended up going to the car to look for it while she ate. 10 mins later I wasnt really wanting to eat anything because the last 3 times I went there i had diarreah so watery that it sounded like I was peeing.

I didnt feel like being like that ( then again when does anyone ever feel like running to the toilet every 2 minutes?) i only had a sliver of a quesadilla and a couple of fries and some Rasberry iced tea. Not sure if that makes me sick too so im not drinking that anymore either. Anyways i feel sorry for the ones that had it for days i only had it for an hour but it was so continuous that it burnt my *ss so bad cause it was acidy! I will never ever go there again!!

Too bad too cause i love the workers they are so nice but its not worth getting sick over.

It was sooo good at one time last year but now its just downright disgustingggg when im trying to digest it! So goodbye Del Taco it was nice knowing you but my new years resolution is to be to forget I ever knew you!

Iron City, Tennessee, United States #810162

:zzz :? :x :upset :sigh


Del Taco is a dangerous place to dine...the only place for a lazy mexican...My husband my self and two friends ate there on Saturday afternoon..3 of us all had quesadillas and fries but my husband ate a shredded beef burrito...within 8 hours later we were at the ER being told by the doctors that my husband had food poisoning caused by bacteria in somethin he ate...he was borderline sepsis (bacteria seeps into bloodstream) he was givin I.V fluids and four I.V bags of antibiotics..thousands of dollars worth of labs to monitor the bacteria his body..a night in the ER and a full 24 hours of care while he was admitted in to the hospital. Not to mention follow up visit with our primary and a repeat of labs and we can't forget about the 10 day supply of oral antibiotics...all of this pain and trauma to his body and on top of all that he is uninsured...thank you Del Taco for the lovely experience which in the end a $10 meal will have cost us about $10000

to Another ***ed ***sumer #840303

Wow a lazy mexican? How pathetic and racist are you?

That is ignorance at its finest. You are truly *** and a waste on this planet.

Is that place even Mexican? From what i heard you trashy racist dumbasses love to dine there.

to George #1352346

The taco predates the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico. There is anthropological evidence that the indigenous people living in the lake region of the Valley of Mexico traditionally ate tacos filled with small fish. Writing at the time of the Spanish conquistadors, Bernal Daz del Castillo documented the first taco feast enjoyed by Europeans, a meal which Hernn Corts arranged for his captains in Coyoacn


Lay off the Booze.........


You're a liar or an ***. Food poisoning takes AT LEAST 24hrs to kick in.

What's wrong? You get fired from Del Taco because you didn't reach our minimum requirement of common sense?

If you're thinking of going to Taco Bell keep in mind the salmonella outbreak '09...

OK? Dumb ***.

to bull*** San Diego, California, United States #592915

You work at Del Taco lol Thats funny. Have a nice life on that salary LOSER.

to Hahahahah Biola, California, United States #612875

Yup I work at Del Taco. I'm a general manager and my salary is fine.

I have a 4 bedroom house and two cars. I am sick of dumb people complaining over ***. This poster and everyone else on this site is a liar and just wants free food. Well *** all of you.

I have outstanding customer service at my store as does every other location.

We are held to a high and strict standard and we always follow our requirements. Go *** yourself dumb *** ***.

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #630451

This is exactly the kind of *** that got me and my family sick. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I also got food poisoning and it feels horrible, on the toilet right now also listening to the *** comming out of your mouth.

I will never eat at del taco ever again, they can shove any kind of free food, I don't want it...

I ate at the rancho / Craig store in north las Vegas nv. Eat there at your own risk!

to bull*** Iron City, Tennessee, United States #810164

Lying piece of ***!

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