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Wednesday November 22 2017. I'm in a power chair...

I can't walk. So. I'm allowed to.. Drive thru..

They said. We're not serving you. I said what.. Your in a chair( throw this in..

It has a nite window.. With a step. Mind you i can't walk. In a chair) I said I can't get to that window...

We're not serving you. Window closed in my face. . Crazy isn't it...

So i get home. I'm upset .. OK way upset.. so I call...

Stories... Of total change... Manger end phone convo with..'WHERE SORRY.. I'M HERE ALL NIGHT..

IF YOU WANT TO COME BACK.." WOW . I ADMIT I WENT BACK AND got my softed taco... But not saying something out loud.. I have been thru *** with Del taco before..

With looked of I'm a major pain in there bottom half. Ya know what. It's not that I like being handicap... But dammit I'm still a person and..

I'm really pissed off about it that. It hurts... Now with tears... All never go back to Del taco again...

Who r you...

Female manger to ever deny me.. Cuz I'm handicap....experience from ***....f U del taco

Product or Service Mentioned: Del Taco Customer Care.

Reason of review: Denied service.

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......I going to be honest most fast food restaurant s are told to only accept cars ( suv certain vans that pass the hight clearance) in the drive through.your wheels chair doesn't qualify , next time go inside the restaurant ( by law it should be accaseable to wheel chair) and if you want to use the drive through drive a car ( yes handicap people can drive )


Are you mentally handicapped too?

If not, can you try that in English next time?



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