Carmichael, California

Del Taco in Sacramento CA in the Natomas area served me undercooked beans. When beans are not cooked thoroughly and properly, they contain lectins which are poisonous.

It causes vomiting and gastrointestinal distress and can cause bladder problems as well. They probably poisoned quite a number of customers that night. This company should be sued for causing so many people so much distress.

Do you know how to get a class action lawsuit going? I would be very interested in taking them to court.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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i had similar happpen in Stockton ca . Del Taco.

Was sick as a dog and ambulanced to hospital.. yes im saying *** that , they are givin me the run around *** and i need a lawyer or will go to court on my own behalf.


I was gonna say..... the beans would have to be SO undercooked for the lectin to still be able to cause problems.


but props for at least attemptin to be original in your scamming. Most "reviewers" here aren't quite that advanced yet.


I was very angry when I made this post. I was an employee at this company and I got fired so I made up lies to get my store shut down for revenge. Please ignore this review.

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