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On three separate occasions I have observed one of Del Tacos employees trying to rip me off. I always order 8 hard tacos and this employee always acts like he made a mistake punching in the total ( usually around $11.60 ).

He then says " oh, I made a mistake" and punches in the right amount. ( $5.95 ). On all three occasions I gave the employee two tens and on the amount tendered on the receipts it was for $5.95 and I received no change back. I was not paying attention on my third purchase and realized I just got took.

Rather than confront the employee I will take my business elsewhere. Be careful if you use cash at this del taco.

Taco Bell is way better and they actually put tomatoes on their tacos as advertised. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Del Taco Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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