I have been a Del Taco customer for along time until I got 2 soft tacos that had almost no meat in them.

Taco Tuesday tacos shrink when they are 49 cents on Tuesday. Not a smart business move.

Taco Tuesday is for getting new business,but drives old customers like me away.

A deal is not a deal if you get cheated.

Taco Bell i,m coming back.

At least you won,t forget to put the meat and cheese in the taco.

Post your opinion on the pissedconsumer.com when you get the shaft and they get the mine.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Rancho Mirage, California, United States #597549

Tuesday night Tacos' in Palm Springs, Ca., is a Vegan taco...I measured the missing meat and it was only one teaspoon...not even compacted. You cannot complain as 800-852-2045 hotline is ring no answer, and this Store #234 has no manager on site, no t/number to contact owner or a manager...run by kids...head to Taco bell if you want a taco with beef in it, or get ripped off!!!


Our boss tells us less meat more lettuse this is to save on food cost I am assistant manager at del taco sorry you unsatified


I use to work at del tacos. Taco Tuesday is busy so the tacos get a little sloppier.

Someone making min. Wage is not going to go skimpy on the meat to save some money for corprate...

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