1645 Space Center Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
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I came to del taco 0748. I was in the drive thru and the person asked if I could give her a minute. No problem. It was more then 5 minutes. There was only one car in the drive thru at the window. After that she took my order I still had to wait at least 10-15 minutes to get to the window and get my

Food. I got a triple chicken meal with large fries and large sweet tea. I love del taco. I’m from the east coast and there isn’t a del taco. Your better then Taco Bell. I love you have crinkled fried. All of my experiences have been wonderful until yesterday. I only had coffee all day. I have my own business cleaning houses. My first meal. My tea didn’t taste so sweet but I was still good with this. My fries was warm/ cold fries. I was mad. I waited in line for unsatisfied food. I did ask the employee are you the only one here. She said no. Her and someone else. I noticed she has gloves on when she handed my food. I go in the store and threw my

Food on the counter mad and asked for my money back. After a few minutes laters she let me know she put it back on my credit card. First of all I paid with cash. I was even more heated. While this is happening the other employee pulls up the trash can to the fixing table with gloves on putting lettuce in the trash. Employees picks up a clean container of lettuce and wipes under the container of lettuce with the same gloves on. She was about to hand food to a customer and I said are you *** crazy to service food to a customer with the same gloves you touched the trash and clean lettuce. The other employee is on her cell phone in the driveway saying she is talking to the manager which is her mother. Her mother says she is sorry. That I need to claim Down and stop cussing. By then I was completely down.

Host rigo

Order 37




Total 8.55

My phone number is 7198961048

I was so mad I went home and eat a can of red beans for dinner. It only cost me $.72 and was good. I talked to Maria in your Parker store wonderful and helpful employee. The Colorado Springs ladies need to be fired at once. My opinion bad customer service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Del Taco Pros: I love del taco.

Del Taco Cons: All of the above.

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