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I am sooo pissed, I made a late night trip to del taco. Ordered some food for my family through the drive thru he guy repeated my order back to not once but twice, and once more when he gave me my order.

I was in a hurry to get home and since he told me my order three times I figured that I would be safe to take his word boy was I wrong. We were missing 1 quesillda, I large fry, 1 hard taco, and 1 chicken soft taco.But it was to late by the time I got home to drive all the way back over the.

So I am pissed at del taco.

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Balboa California


Question aren't they supposed to be wearing gloves while making the tacos ? Well I sure didn't see the 2 males preparing my food with gloves on !

Like common sense no one wants to eat food when someone touched it already ! how do I know they washed their hands ?

There's a lot of sick , dirty guys outthere .. it just doesn't look right!

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