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I visited deltaco on October 28at 8:00pm I ordered the fiesta pack with the more expensive delTaco Tacos.i payed extra $3.00 for extra cheese to be put on my borritos & Tacos the manager at the West Sacramento location tried to get me to pay an extra $12.00 for 12 sides of extra cheese I stated that was almost the cost of my entire meal I just purchased I asked the manager to spread the 3 extra cheese sides I ordered over the borritos and the tacos I visit this location all the time and it's never an issue when I got my order I asked for 3 extra sides of sauce the manager stated they put the extra sauce on my borritos already I looked in the fiesta box and noticed the cheese I wanted put on my borritos and tacos in the box instead of on my food I asked the manager to put the cheese on the food because I was going to have trouble later when I got home because the cheese would make everything stick together the manager said he would not put the extra cheese on my borritos or tacos I stated that's why I payed extra for cheese so it could be put on my food while they were preparing it the manager was rude and refused to put the cheese on my food so I stated I'm the customer and I payed for extra cheese to be put on all my items in my fiesta pack the manager stated you got the cheese you payed for and refused to put the extra cheese on my food so I stated I'm not happy with my order and I wanted a refund he was very rude and used profanity stating your not getting a f*c**ing refund I stated can I have the corporate phone number he stated it was on the receipt and it was not on the receipt ..while I was in the Restruant employees were standing around doing nothing I looked for hot sauce on every table and there wasn't any on any of the tables I asked the manager could I get hot sauce and he stated I'll be right with you and never got me hot sauce I also noticed there was no napkins in the dispenser and I asked a worker this time since I got no response from the manager on the hot sauce the worker I asked for napkins and stated there was no napkins in the dispenser the worker was working along side the manager and turned to me and said I'll be right with you I waited and two other customers were looking for hot sauce and napkins also and went to the counter and said there is no hotsauce out here he waited and never got helped and walked off he also looked for napkins and put his finger in the dispenser and stated this place needs a new manager or workers that know how to fill condiments containers I have been going to delTaco since 2014 and this is the worst service and the worst management ran location I visit this location a few times a week and I have never had this manager before so I assume he is new I was so fed up with the bad service and the profanity the manager used towards me and not getting food the way I ordered it my stomach was so upset and stressed out I left the food on top of the trash bin and just walked out the door it was a $20.00 loss for me but the money isn't the point ..customers should get the food made the way they want it if you pay to have extra cheese put on the food you shouldn't have to try to take a borritos apart later of tacos apart to add the extra cheese to them when they knew what I wanted done before the made it for me and for this manager to get mad and use profanity at me when there were small kids in the place eating was very rude and very unproffesional and this was the worst place I've been to in a long time I will not be going back and might even file a law suite for verbal assualting myself and the kids in the Restruant this day ..West Sacramento DelTaco has bad service and very poor customer service and a manager there that makes the corporation look bad .I Will not Be Returning to DelTaco I'd rather spend my hard earned money somewhere that cares about customers and customer satisfaction

Product or Service Mentioned: Del Taco Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $17.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Del Taco Pros: Great food, Good food, I love del taco, Employees here are always very nice.

Del Taco Cons: Poor customer service, All of the above, May never go back to this location again store 1178, Not appreciated when good.

  • Disrespectful Staff
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